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Introduction to Our TEAMSTAR Dollies

Dollies are used in various industries to move heavy and bulky items. Given their ability to make bulky (and oftentimes immovable) objects movable, industrial dollies help make your employees’ jobs much more convenient and safe. At Team Systems New Zealand, our dollies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and purposes, and are ideal for moving heavy items from one location to another. Our selection of heavy-duty dollies includes crate dollies, plastic dollies and piano dollies.

Industrial Uses of Our Dollies

Dolly carts have many industrial uses and have become a standard in all kinds of work environments. They can function as warehouse dollies, factory dollies, machine shop dollies, workshop dollies, office dollies, furniture dollies, garage dollies, despatch dollies and much more. Regardless of the environment you work in, we have an industrial dolly to satisfy your dolly needs.

What to Consider When Buying One of Our Heavy-Duty Dollies for Your Workplace

There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying one of our dollies. For example, you should take note of each dolly’s intended application. While our crate dollies and plastic dollies are suitable for transporting crates, tubs, containers and bins, our piano dollies are perfect for moving pianos and other bulky furniture items.

Moreover, each dolly has its own load capacity that determines the weight limit before an item or piece of equipment becomes unsafe to place on the dolly. As this differs from dolly to dolly, it is imperative that you align the load capacity with your intended use in order to maintain a safe and efficient working environment.

Furthermore, our TSPTS / TSPTP Piano Trolley is available with either 200mm solid castor wheels (TSPTS) as well as 200mm pneumatic or puncture-proof castor wheels (TSPTP). Not only do this upright piano dolly’s different castor wheels impact its application, but our piano trolley with solid castor wheels has a load capacity of 400kg and our piano trolley with pneumatic or puncture-proof castor wheels has a load capacity of 450kg. This is similarly important to keep in mind when choosing an industrial dolly for your workplace.

Dolly Safety

Transporting heavy equipment can pose numerous safety hazards for your employees if carried out inadequately. These can include muscle strains, hernias, back pain and various other injuries. Fortunately, dollies alleviate many of these safety concerns by providing a secure and convenient solution to manoeuvring bulky items in the workplace. All of our dollies are designed to reduce health and safety hazards.

Features of Our Industrial Dollies

At Team Systems New Zealand, our dollies are equipped with several features to boost safety and productivity in your workplace. For example, our TS10CD Crate Dolly has a rigid powder-coated steel construction and strong 100mm castor wheels for maximum mobility and durability. Furthermore, our TS10PD Plastic Dolly is food-gradable and is rated as able to work in temperatures below -20⁰C and 60⁰C. It can also be fitted with either blue non-marking castors or stainless steel castors and is available in yellow, white, blue and red. Additionally, all of our dollies have a 12-month warranty.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZ has dollies that allow you to transport heavy and bulky items with ease. With branches in Australia and New Zealand and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial dollies.