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Introduction to Our Heavy-Duty Step Ladders

At Team Systems New Zealand, we have compact step ladders that help provide you with a few extra steps to access just-out-of-reach areas. While typically used in a variety of industrial environments, our range of Little Monstar Step Ladders can just as easily function as household step ladders and domestic step ladders. With step ladders varying from 2-step ladders to 4-step ladders, we have all your step ladder needs to be covered.

Step Ladder Industrial Uses

Step ladders have various industrial applications given their convenience. You can often find them in all kinds of workplaces being used as warehouse step ladders, factory step ladders, office step ladders, retail step ladders, hospital step ladders, school step ladders and much more. Our industrial step ladders are a reliable and effective choice for any work environment.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Step Ladder for Your Workplace

Before selecting one of our heavy-duty step ladders for your workplace, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind.

Firstly, decide whether you need a 2-step ladder, a 3-step ladder or a 4-step ladder. These industrial step ladders are more than ideal for any work environment.

Secondly, bear in mind that the number of steps on our step ladders influences the height of the top step. For example, our Little Monstar Compact 2-Step Ladder has a top step height of 480mm, while our Little Monstar Compact 4-Step Ladder has a top step height of 910mm. As this can impact its application, it is important to be aware of this before choosing one of our ladders for your workspace.

Finally, aside from industrial step ladders, we also have a vast selection of platform laddersorder picker ladders and safety steps that all provide safe and efficient access when working at heights. If you require one of these for your workplace, check them out on the Team Systems New Zealand website.

Important Features of Our Industrial Safety Ladders

All of our step ladders are equipped with numerous features that augment their safety and productivity when used in any industrial environment. These include having a 150kg load rating and a light yet strong aluminium construction that makes them easy to use. Moreover, they feature rear roller castors for increased mobility, and there are heavy-duty treads on all steps for enhanced safety and stability when working on them. Additionally, they have a strong safety bracket that includes a recess for storing tools and bucket hooks, making them both secure and convenient. With safety features like these, you can get on with your work with the comfort and knowledge that all your employees are safe when using them.

Precautions You Can Take to Preserve Your Safety When Using Our Step Ladders

As with all ladders and access equipment, there is always a risk when it comes to safety. Step ladders are no exception. Below is a list of safety measures you can carry out to further ensure that you and your employees can maintain a safe and secure workplace.

  • Before using your step ladder, verify that the combined weight of the user and your tools does not exceed the load rating (150kg) marked on the ladder. Failing to do so could result in the ladder collapsing under the combined weight.
  • If you are using a step ladder in an outside environment, steer clear of power lines by at least 4 metres. You should also secure the step ladder on the ground that is stable and solid enough for it to remain still during operation.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and non-slip footwear when using a step ladder.
  • When using the step ladder, use your hands and feet to keep 3 points of contact with the ladder at all times.
  • If, for whatever reason, you have to temporarily leave your step ladder, recheck it before you use it again and try to be aware of other people and your surroundings.
  • Once you have finished using your step ladder, prepare it for its next use by cleaning it (if necessary), storing it in a secure and covered location and checking that there are no loose or damaged components.

By following these safety measures, your workplace can stay the safe and productive work environment it needs to be.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZ has step ladders that provide safe and secure access to just-out-of-reach areas in a range of industrial environments. With branches in Australia and New Zealand and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial step ladders.