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Introduction to Our TEAMSTAR Industrial Order Picking Trolleys

Order-picking trolleys are specifically designed for industrial stock-picking purposes. As warehouse-picking trolleys, they are used in a range of industries for order picking, file movement and transportation of equipment and goods. At Team Systems New Zealand, our selection of stock-picking trolleys includes office trolleys, multi-tier trolleys and cage trolleys, all of which are suited for order picking. All of our industrial trolleys are designed to meet the highest-demand applications industries have to offer.

Industrial Uses of Our Order Picking Trolleys

Suitable for stock picking in many industrial environments, our order-picking trolleys can be used in all kinds of spaces. These include warehouses, factories, offices, retail spaces, schools and more. Regardless of the environment you work in, we have an order-picking trolley to satisfy your trolley needs.

Order Picking Trolley Dimensions

Before choosing one of our order-picking trolleys for your workplace, you should be aware of each trolley’s dimensions and load capacity. This is particularly important in ensuring that these product specifications match your intended use. For example, our TS1B Stock Picking Trolley has the dimensions 420mm x 900mm and can support loads of up to 220kg. On the other hand, our TS2B Stock Picking Trolley has the dimensions 600mm x 900mm and can handle loads of up to 340kg. Making sure the dimensions and load capacity of the trolley you want aligns with your intended use is imperative to maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

Trolley Accessories and Trolley Attachments

If you require additional trolley accessories, check out our TS Clipboard. With a bull clip, pen rack and a silver powder-coated finish, this optional clipboard can easily attach to our order-picking trolleys and provide you with added convenience when operating them.

Stock Picking Trolley Safety Features

Our stock-picking trolleys are equipped with a number of features to ensure your safety when operating them. For example, our TSOFT Office File Trolley has an all-metal construction for durability and long life. Furthermore, our TS1F Stock Picking Trolley is a full mesh cage trolley with a fold-down gate, protecting and securing loads inside when they are being transported within your workplace. Additionally, besides these individual features, all of our order-picking trolleys have a durable long-lasting powder-coated finish and are protected with a 12-month frame warranty, making them safe and reliable.

Safety Measures You Can Follow When Using Our Order Picking Trolleys

Our order-picking trolleys are designed to prioritise your safety when operating them. However, there are still some additional measures that you can follow to prevent avoidable workplace injuries and preserve your safety when using order-picking trolleys. For example, research shows that pushing rather than pulling trolleys reduces your risk of harm. This is because pulling a trolley can cause you to run over your own feet, and pulling whilst walking backwards can make you trip or fall. While these means of transporting goods might be unavoidable in some situations, it is important to follow appropriate safety measures where possible in order to protect yourself and your employees.

Furthermore, try to avoid using industrial trolleys on uneven and unstable surfaces like steep slopes and stairs. Since these can lead to back injuries, sprains and damage to ligaments, nerve joints and bones, it is vital that you always operate order-picking trolleys on appropriate surfaces. Moreover, it is a good idea to examine your workplace’s floor conditions on a regular basis, and be aware of ramps and slopes that may require mechanical assistance to help you move heavy equipment. By following these safety measures, you can preserve the health and safety of all your employees when they operate order-picking trolleys.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZheavy-duty duty trolleys that allow you to stock pick and transport goods with ease. We also have trolley attachments and accessories available as well. With branches in Australia and New Zealand and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial order picking trolleys.