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Introduction to our Industrial Load Restraints

Load restraints are incredibly useful in holding downloads and equipment while they are being transported between places. They play a necessary role in transport, material handling and warehouse equipment industries as they help protect you, your passengers, your load, other road users and pedestrians. Team Systems NZ selection of load restraints includes ratchet tie-downs and load straps, transport chains, load binders, cargo bars, load restraint kits and Grade 70 hooks and links.

Load Restraint Uses

Ratchet tie-down straps are used by a variety of industries, such as equipment manufacturers and suppliers, freight consigners, vehicle manufacturers and drivers. In particular, since tie-down straps are commonly used to secure loads on top of trucks and trailers, they are often referred to as truck straps, truck tie downs or trailer straps.

What to Look For When Choosing a Load Restraint Product

When choosing load restraint equipment, it is important to align its dimensions and specifications with your load securing needs. For example, our Grade 70 Ratchet Style Loadbinder is available in various sizes and lashing capacities, ranging up to 13mm in size and 9000kg in lashing capacity. Ensuring that all load restraint equipment is used as it is intended and that its limits are not exceeded is imperative to preserve its condition, as well as maintaining the health and safety of yourself and others.

Safety Features of Our Load Restraints

Our load restraint straps are fitted with safety features to ensure your security and confidence when using them. For example, ourGLR255 Ratchet Tie Downs have heavy-duty buckles, hooks and keepers to enable stable and consistent load restraining. Additionally, much of our Grade 70 Chain and Gear equipment, such as our Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hook, is compliant with AS4344 Australian Standards, providing an extra layer of reliability.

Once you have chosen your load restraints, there are a number of safety measures you can take to further ensure your safety when using them.

  • Firstly, when using Grade 70 Chain Gear products, particularly load restraint chains and restraint kits, avoid using them for lifting purposes. For equipment that is specifically suited for lifting purposes, see our range of Industrial Lifting Equipment.
  • Secondly, when securing the load, make sure the ratchet strap properly restrains the load, and that it is in a good position. If it is not adequately secured by the cargo strap or is poorly positioned, it could affect your ability to see behind you, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Thirdly, make sure that the load does not hang over the front, side or rear of your vehicle, and that your lights, indicators and number plate are not covered. This has multiple purposes, including making sure you do not collide with overhead bridges, signs and power lines, and that other driver are not distracted or influenced by your overhanging load.
  • Fourthly, it is important that your load does not exceed your vehicle’s weight limits, especially if your vehicle is light as it could be overpowered.
  • Finally, transport all small and loose tools within a toolbox or another appropriate receptacle to stop them from breaking loose and interfering with the road.

By following these precautions, you can preserve the safety of yourself and others when securing loads with load restraints.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZ has plastic safety steps that provide a safe and steady step up, allowing you to reach just out-of-reach areas in a range of industrial environments. With branches in Australia and New Zealand and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial safety steps.