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Introduction to Our Industrial Chain and Lever Blocks

Chain blocks and lever blocks are common workplace tools that are used to manually lift, lower and pull loads. As they can be operated alone, they provide an efficient way of completing some manual handling tasks that require two or more workers to carry out. At Team Systems NZ, our lifting chain blocks and lever hoists are suitable for a wide array of industrial applications and can help provide a safe solution to industrial lifting.

Chain and Lever Block Industrial Uses

Our industrial chain and lever blocks can be used in all kinds of industries, such as in warehouses, construction sites, mining sites and in various automotive industries. Common tasks that you can use them for include lifting loads in garages and construction sites, winching cars from treacherous terrains and carrying out tasks like power line work, pipe laying, forestry and heavy machinery work. Regardless of the industry, you work in, our heavy-duty chain blocks and lever blocks allow safe and productive lifting in the workplace.

What to Consider When Choosing a Chain Block or a Lever Block for Your Workplace

Before choosing industrial lifting equipment for your workplace, it is important to recognise what your work environment needs. One thing to keep in mind is that although they are similar, chain block hoists can only be used vertically whereas lever block hoists can be used in any direction. Furthermore, you should be aware of product dimensions like capacity rating, chain size and chain lift.

Safety Features of Our Heavy Duty Chain and Lever Blocks

Our chain block and tackles and lever blocks are all equipped with various features to ensure safe working conditions when using them. Lever hoists are dacron galvanised and have a super tough powder-coated finish, making them tough, safe and completely reusable in all environments. They are also re-chainable for other lengths, overload protected and have fully machined brakes for added security. Additionally, these come along are factory tested and fully certified to comply with Australian Standards AS1418.2. Safety features like these assist in creating a safe environment to lift loads in.

Measures You Can Follow to Preserve Your Safety When Using Our Chain and Lever Blocks

There are a few safety measures you can keep in mind to preserve your safety when using chain hoists and lever hoists. Firstly, all lifting equipment should be periodically inspected by a trained inspector at least once every 12 months. Your employees should also check chain pulleys for any signs of damage or wear and tear before and/or after each use. Secondly, avoid exposing the chain or lever block to rain or excessive humidity as this can reduce its effectiveness and safety. Finally, avoid lifting loads above others and refrain from leaving suspended loads unattended. By following these precautions, you can preserve workplace health and safety for all employees when using heavy-duty chain blocks and lever blocks.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZ has plastic safety steps that provide a safe and steady step up, allowing you to reach just out-of-reach areas in a range of industrial environments. With branches in Australia and New Zealand and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial safety steps.