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Introduction to Our EASI TILT Heavy Duty Hand Trolleys

Hand trolleys are used to transport large and bulky loads in various industrial environments. Ideal for many manual handling tasks, these hand trucks are perfect for any warehouse. At Team Systems New Zealand, our hand trolleys include the Super Mover Trolley, the Box and Bag Trolley and the All Rounder Trolley, and they are all suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Hand Truck Uses

While all of our hand trolleys can be used in environments such as warehouses, factories and offices, each individual hand trolley model has its own unique application. For instance, our DL1600C Super Mover is ideal for moving large items like big fridges, freezers, ATMs, stacks of tyres, furniture and hot water and gas cylinders. On the other hand, our TH300 All-Rounder Trolley is suitable for moving heavy drums, tubs, barrels, gas cylinders, garden ornaments and paint cans. Additionally, our SF300 Box and Bag Trolley suit boxes, cartons and crates. Knowing what kind of application each of our hand trolleys is suited for is important in choosing one that aligns with your intended application.

Features of Our Industrial Hand Trolleys

Our hand trolleys are equipped with multiple features to ensure you receive the safest and most efficient experience when using them. All of them utilise a unique Easi tilt mechanism which means you do not have to exert a lot of effort when using them. Additionally, they are all constructed with powder-coated structural steel, and a ratchet strap can be fitted if you desire.

In particular, our Super Mover and All Rounder hand trolleys feature ergonomic hand grips for security, as well as an adjustable drum holding hook or optional tub holding the hook. When the hook is not being used, you can simply rotate the mounting collar sideways out of the way. These hand trucks also have a load support system that provides curved support with a 60mm setback.

Moreover, our Box and Bag Trolley has a unique load support system that provides full height and a flat surface RHS frame for secure support of double box stacks. With this hand trolley, you can safely carry, for example, 13 cartons of beer as opposed to 7 cartons of beer with most other trolleys. Thus this trolley has improved efficiency and stability when in operation.

Hand Trolley Safety Measures

While our hand trolleys are designed to prioritise your safety, there are some additional measures that you can be mindful of to further preserve your safety. For example, research demonstrates that pushing rather than pulling hand trolleys reduces your risk of harm. This is because you can run over your own feet when pulling hand trolleys, and pulling while walking backwards can cause you to trip or fall. While pulling is unavoidable in some situations, reducing your risk of danger when using hand trolleys where possible helps to protect the safety of you and your workers.

Furthermore, try to avoid using industrial trolleys on uneven and unstable surfaces like steep slopes and stairs. Since these can lead to back injuries, sprains and damage to ligaments, nerve joints and bones, it is vital that you always operate hand trolleys on appropriate surfaces. Moreover, it is a good idea to examine your workplace’s floor conditions on a regular basis, and be aware of ramps and slopes that may require mechanical assistance to help you move heavy equipment. By following these safety measures, you can preserve the health and safety of all your employees when they operate hand trolleys.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZ has hand trucks that allow you to transport heavy and bulky items with ease. With branches in Australia and New Zealand, and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial hand trolleys.