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Introduction to Our MONSTAR STEP & TEAMSTEP Industrial Safety Steps

Plastic safety steps are used in all kinds of applications, both industrial and domestic, to provide users with a simple step up to reach just out-of-reach areas that don’t require a ladder. At Team Systems New Zealand, our array of heavy-duty safety steps includes our Monstar Step, TS Jumbo Safety Step, TSSU Stepup and TSTS Teamstep. With our industrial safety steps, your employees can work at their best in a safe and convenient work environment.

Plastic Safety Step Uses

As they are used in a variety of industries, plastic safety steps can be applied in a number of ways. They commonly function as warehouse safety steps, factory safety steps, office safety steps, supermarket safety steps, retail safety steps, school safety steps and household safety steps, but can also be used for most other access tasks. Regardless of the work environment you are in, our safety steps can provide a reliable and secure step up.

Safety Features of Our Safety Steps

Our plastic safety steps have a number of safety features to preserve your security when using them, as well as boost workplace productivity. Overall, they have a lightweight and durable construction with no rusting or dangerous sharp edges. These anti-slip steps also all feature non-slip tape that provides anti-slip surfaces on all of our safety steps, giving added stability when in use. In addition to this, our Monstar Step, TS Jumbo Safety Step and TSSU Stepup all have a further indentation on the lower step that also features non-slip tape, insuring the longevity of the protective non-slip surface. Furthermore, due to their lightweight and compact designs, all of our safety steps are easy to carry and store, and can be nested and stacked to save space in storage. It is because of features like these that elucidate the durability, robustness and safety of all of our heavy-duty safety steps.

Additionally, our safety steps have various other features that further increase workplace safety and efficiency.

  • Aside from the mentioned safety features, our Monstar Step has a large 370mm x 370mm deck size, allowing the user to comfortably stand and work on top of it. Not only does it provide four-way access, but optional spare rubber feet are also available for enhanced stability.
  • Our TS Jumbo Safety Step is made of rotomoulded plastic and has a durable one-piece construction. It is totally mobile, with springloaded castor wheels that retract when this rolling step is in use and a safety skirt that hugs the ground and prevents further movement while it is being operated.
  • Like our Monstar Step, our TSSU Stepup also provides four-way access and has optional spare rubber feet available. It also has strengthened under supports (kiss-offs) to give full stability whilst preventing the top from bowling. Additionally, this square step is available in both yellow and orange.
  • Made with durable rotomoulded plastic, our TSTS Teamstep is available in both blue and yellow designs. Like our TS Jumbo Safety Step, this safe step has springloaded castor wheels that retract when it is in use and provides an easy way to move around without compromising safety and stability. It is also fitted with non-slip rubber skirting that guarantees a firm grip on the ground, giving added security.

The safety features of these safety steps enable your employees to work comfortably and productively knowing that they are safe and secure.

Safety Step Dimensions and Specifications

Before buying one of our industrial safety steps for your workplace, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Specifications like deck size, height and load capacity vary from safety step to safety step, and this can have an impact on how and when they are used. For example, our TS Jumbo Safety Step is 355mm tall, whereas our TSTS Teamstep is 395mm tall. Moreover, our TSSU Stepup has a load capacity of 150kg, whereas our Monstar Step can support up to 180kg. Since these product differences can influence their functionality depending on the environment and situation, it is vital that you ensure that the dimensions and specifications of the safety step you choose align with the needs of your workplace.

About Team Systems NZ

Team Systems NZ has plastic safety steps that provide a safe and steady step up, allowing you to reach just out-of-reach areas in a range of industrial environments. With branches in Australia and New Zealand, and over 25 years under our belt, Team Systems New Zealand is your trusted provider of industrial safety steps.